Saturday, September 22, 2007

experimenting with stickles

I recently purchased some stickles from Rhubarb Roots and wanted to try them out. They are so versatile. In this layout I used them to frame around the subject of this layout(The fact that Si is wearing my thongs)

September challenge for Rhubarb Roots

Okay everyone, I will be posting my challenge on the forum on Monday the 24th, so without giving anything away, lets just say it's a fun one..go check it out. Also really big news....
Monday evening from 7-9 pm, Cathy Zielske who is a famous, fabulous scrapbooker will be on the rhubarb roots forum for a guest chat...Don't miss this opportunity!!! It will be amazing!

My first toot...and it's a good one

I just found out that my work is finally going to be published. I am going to be the discovery drive designer for the October issue of magazine.
On October first I will post the link here.
I am very excited about this, and I hope this might eventually help open some doors for me.

September sketch for Rhubarb Roots

Here is my sketch
and here is what I came up with from my sketch.

Friday, September 7, 2007

okay I had to show this yet...

This is my favorite layout that I created using products from the September kit at Rhubarb Roots. I also used some doodle rubons, shaded in with my watercolor pencil crayons, and used a blender pen to create a "smooth" look.

a little sampling...

of what I created using the September kit at They have 2 kits for this month. I worked with both and loved them equally for different reasons. I LOVED the rouge de garance patterned papers. I also created a few other layouts and a card with these kits, you should go check out my gallery on the site to view them.

another design team

I just found out I made a 2nd design team over at I have no clue what this will all entail, but I am excited.

Bye bye "brown house"

Well we finally finished painting our house. No more brown. We wondered if Si would have issues with this, as anytime we went somewhere and he wanted to leave, he would talk about coming home to the "brown house" But nope. Now it is officially the "grey house." I will have to post a pic of the finished result soon. We really appreciated that My dad helped with painting, and Yvonne kept Si entertained. We couldnt have done it so quickly without their help!


Sunday of september long, we checked out the thresermans museum(okay strictly for great photo opportunitys) But the kraziest thing happened. we went into the replica of the post office?(I think) and Rob noticed that there were books full of really old Red river valley echo's. So he grabbed one, and opened it, and here on the front page was a picture and article of my Grandpa Wiebe. This was so special because He passed away in 2001, and this was a great way to share some history with Si.

chilly water

e spent the September long weekend at the Days Inn hotel in Winkler. Its close to home, but we have our traditions of what we all do. The water at this pool gets colder everytime we go there. Youch! Still had fun though. Si has FINALLY turned into a water kid.

Walk with me, Son

This picture was taken last Saturday at the Pembina hills, and around this time si started telling Rob and I that we should call him 'son.' I tell ya, this kid of ours is wise beyond his years. It is scary at times because I am worried that when he starts school next year, the kids wont get him and his humor. How many other 3 year olds do you know make up lyrics to the song "Dont cha" by the Pussycat dolls?

My brother...

Kenny works as a sports reporter for the Winnipeg sun, and as he has a very busy schedule we don't get to see him very often. I just developed the pictures from when we went to his baseball game in Stonewall, and that same day found this scenic route paper at Rhubarb Roots, and voila this was the finished product. I was quite happy with the way this layout turned out.

A proud mom moment

It's so funny how once You become a parent just how excited you can get over what was once considered "silly things." For example, this particular afternoon Si caught a fly using a small bowl, and he was so excited that it became contagious. The funniest part of this picture is how greasy Silas' mouth/face is. He had just finished eating a bun with butter and he starts at the middle of the bun, so by the time he is done with it, he has a pretty shiny face!!

photo shoot..

With Si and Ella Regier. I dont want to show too much because I am creating a christmas gift for her parents using some of these photos, but lets just say the pics turned out marvelous!!!