Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my Stamp BOX layout #2

Have I mentioned how much I love 'my Stamp BOX' acrylic stamps??!
For this layout titled "a boy and his dog" I used
the 'seal it' set and
'splash me a little!' alphabet set.

my Stamp BOX layout #1

I am having the greatest time with my Stamp BOX acrylic stamps. Bettina spoils us DT girls totally rotten.
This is the first layout I created using the stamps she sent me.
I used the set "She says- He says" on this layout

Scrapping Bug challenge

The challenge I posted at The Scrapping Bug this month was for you to express your emotions on a layout or other creation. They could be emotions of any kind(Somthing that makes you very happy, sad, angry, etc)
One night while I was watching My Son sleep, I was overcome with emotions when I was thinking how much he really means to me.
I would love to see if you participate in this challenge.

LSS sample

I made this 5x7 mini layout for my lss (Rhubarb Roots)
This was the first time I have used a Jenni Bowlin bingo card to use as the base for an actual layout, and I liked the end result..I think I will attempt a mini album from these cards yet.

Little Yellow Bicycle

I love their 'Love Letters' line.
This is the new Rhubarb Roots kit.
I made 5 layouts and 1 card with it, and have plenty of supplies left over for more projects.
My favourite thing about this line is that you dont necessarily have to only use it for your significant other, but You can use it for layouts about your kids, pets, friends, etc.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Dad's birthday

January 25/09

Today is my Dad's birthday, and I am so happy to be able to spend time with him today.
Si spent the night there last night, so when he woke up there it was his Poppa's birthday(he was excited about that) and then we went over there for dinner.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing Dad.
With losing my mom at 16, it made me depend on my Dad that much more, but it also made me that much more thankful for him, and appreciate every day that I have with him.
I am lucky that he has always been here for me...NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
I am lucky that he loves us unconditionally.
I am lucky to have his support in life.
I am lucky that he provided me with such a wonderful life
and I am lucky that when he got remarried, he picked a woman who has been the best addition to our family....The picture of them from today, is a typical picture of them...laughing, loving and enjoying life.
Most of all I am lucky that he plays such a huge role in my son's life. He is an amazing Poppa to Si, and every day I make time to think how lucky Si is to have a Grandfather that has such a genuine interest in his life....They are the best of buds!!!!!
We love You Dad!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Card reveal

I forgot to post this last week but this is the latest card sketch by Deanne, and this is the card I made using her amazing sketch.
I always love her ksetches, but this was my fave one to work with!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking for inspiration this Saturday??

Then look no further then the Scrapping Bug.
Join us tomorrow for some great challenges!!
Hope to see you there.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

my Stamp BOX

I am so so so excited.
I am now a member of the "my Stamp BOX" design team.
For anyone who has never heard of the name, my Stamp BOX is a Canadian acrylic stamp company, and Bettina(the owner) makes these stamps herself.
These stamps are amazing...they are trendy, modern, fun and all around amazing...and anyone who knows me will verify that I do love stamps!!!!!
I am anxiously waiting for my stamps to arrive, so I can get to work, because then I can show you the yumminess of these stamps.
You can go check out the available stamps on Bettina's site at
and for any stamp lovers out there, Bettina is having a design team call going out right now, so check out for all of the information.
**Just so you know, Bettina is just the sweetest person to deal with, so the design team gig is a pure joy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Krew kit #10 acrylic mini album

When I opened the krew kit #10 from I was excited because it is pink(and that is my favourite colour) but it took me awhile to decide what to make with it.
My cousin Nevaeh was born in the summer, but because I haven't been able to meet her yet, I've had my aunt constantly send me pictures of her as she continues to grow, so I wanted to make a simple album for her.
Because I havent met her,and I only see her Dad once a year, there really wasn't any journaling that I could include, so I kept the design of the album simple with a picture, a word, some patterned paper, ribbon and flowers on each page.
For each picture of her, I cut it out using a 3'' scalloped circle punch for contrast against the patterned paper circle.
The title is "welcome to the world" but because some of the letter stickers kept coming off, I used white puff paint to fill in the missing letters, but they didnt photograph well(so it looks like parts of the title are missing)
This was a super fun kit to work with to get the creative joices flowing, so grab yours while they are available.
Keep checking the krew blog at as my fellow krew members are still posting their awesome projects.

Krew kit #10 decorative picture.

I had so many adorable pictures left of my baby cousin, and I couldn't walk away without using them all, so I bound the 2 chipboard squares together using ribbon.
I covered each chipboard square with a piece of patterned paper, adhered a photo to each side,
and embellished and decorated from there.
The finished project stands nicely on a dresser.

Rusty Pickle mini album

Join me Thursday, January 22/09 at 6:30 at Rhubarb Roots as we make this colourful mini album by Rusty Pickle.
For $25 you will receive everything necessary to complete this album.
Bring adhesive,pictures, scissors and a trimmer.
If you need more information, dont hesitate to contact me, or I can pass you along to one of the owners.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Punch addict

I will be the first person to admit that I cant get enough of all the great punches out there for sale.
I had a good coupon for M's so I took advantage and scoooped up some Martha Stewart and one Fiskars squeeze punch.

Memory Makers toot

I was pumped to pick up the latest issue of Memory Makers and see my first layout published with them.

other great movies I would recommend

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a movie freak(as is my son)
so, with time off over the holidays, we caught up on a lot of movies in the theaters, and I loved everyone we saw(that doesnt usually happen)
I loved each movie for a different reason, but they all had great stories, and kept me entertained.
2 thumbs up to all of them!!!

twilight obsession

A few months ago, i borrowed the "twilight" book from my local library, because I hard so many people talking about it. I didn't know that it was a vampire story going in, so when I got to that part of the book, I hated it, and returned the book without finishing it.
Well, I kept hearing amazing reviews about the movie, so this weekend I went to go see it, and I LOVED it. It was the best movie I have ever seen before.
So, now I bought the book, and Im sad that Im half done alreary, but once Im done I will be looking for the next 3 books in this series.
p.s. Im in love with "Edward" from the series.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year

My New years eve included chinese food for lunch, running some errands, out for dinner, "bedtime stories" at the movie theater, and my 5 year old "date" falling asleep by 9 pm.
After much thought, my word for 2009 will be CONQUER!!!!!!!

So, Christmas in a nutshell

My Christmas was ummmmm..interesting...lets see...
Visited the emergency room 4 times, with one of them including an overnight stay(my tongue was incredibly swollen, and my throat was swelling closed, which we think turned out to be an allergic reaction. They think my allergy is so bad that either I cant be in the same room with open containers of nuts, or I have another life threatening allergy)
Spent some time at a hotel with my family watersliding, which was SO much fun!!!!
Visited family(I wasnt in much of a visiting mood though because with my tongue it hurt to talk)
but all in all, it was still a good Christmas!!!!