Sunday, February 17, 2008

a few more

I had a really great time with this photo shoot....Her and her daughter were just too cute!!!!

Pregnancy pictures

More of my favourites from the shoot.


I took pregnancy pictures for the first time, and here are some of my favourites.

Card creations

I have been on a roll with my card making lately.


My little guy realized the other day that it had been awhile since he had shaved off the fur on his face...He takes this "shaving" business rather serious.

Our Valentines Day...

consisted of.....
1)Little treat packages for the kids
2)A wreath of hearts
3)Bath and Body works products from one family
4)2 different kinds of cupcakes for snacks
5)Kids exchanging Valentines.

Valentines Day

Here is my little valentine opening his gift from Cupid(That's right he thinks that Cupid was here while we were asleep bringing him a gift and hanging up heart balloons in our living
He got a Cuttlekids with some dinosaur diecuts. My little scrapbooker in training..hee hee

recent creations

I haven't been bloging lately because I have been too busy working on layouts and cards.

Valentine project

Here is the Bo Bunny love album I made for My step Mom for her birthday/Valentines day/Anniversary.
It was my first time working with this kind of album, and I loved it.
It was a kit from Rhubarb Roots.


Just wanted to share 3 canvases that I have created lately.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Technically, I havent been tagged(lol) but I have read so many blogs where it said that if you were reading it to consider yourself tagged, so here I go....
10 random things about me:
1)I have a serious addiction to reality shows, well tv in general. I never have it on during the day on weekdays, but in the evenings you can guarantee it will be on.
I would have no problem spending days in front of the tv...although I am always doing something while i watch(It's called multi-tasking..hee hee)
2)I could eat sauteed mushrooms as a meal...ALL the time! YUM!
3)I love vegetables(ALOT) but for some reason they NEVER make me feel full.
4)I have been a huge fan of magazines since I was 7, and I still buy them weekly.
The only difference is that I have substituted Tiger beat for In Touch.
5)For the last ten plus years I have been terrified of water, but this summer I overcame my fear, and now I can not get enough of waterslides. I am still going down long after My son has stopped...hee hee
6)I love true crime. I love watching 48 hours mystery twice a week, and reading true crime books...Ann Rule, etc..You name it! Although My guesses on the guilty party are not always right...I used to want to be a detective. I still would love to be, but that just wont happen.
7)I love being sweaty when I wake up, because that makes me feel like I had a good sleep.
8)I am a VERY heavy sleeper, nothing will wake me up(I can sleep through the phone ringing right beside me, my doorbell ringing, but for some soon as my alarm clock goes off, I fly out of bed(faster than you can imagine)
9)I am a horrible housekeeper. Meaning I HATE housework, and do the bare minimum as little as there are so many better things i could be doing...Like hanging with Si, or creating something.
10)When I was a kid I was so shy that I made my older brother talk for me. He even had to order my food in restaurants for me. Now I am SO NOT shy! I will babble to anyone who would listen. Leave me alone somewhere for more than 10 minutes, and you can bet I will be having a conversation with some random person.


I had a happy mail day....Received the stamps that I won by Cornish Heritage Farm
Finally received an answer regarding my nut allegy.
The allergist called today with my bloodtest results, and they are positive I have no allegy to peanuts. BUT they have to be in the shells, or in a chocolate bar. If they are in a can...NO!!!!
It showed that I have a life threatening allergy to Brazil nuts, and while other tree nuts did not show up positive I completely have to stay away from them because I could have a reaction to any tree nut at any time.
She read me a long list of everything I need to stay away from(The obvious like brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, etc, but some surprising things like certain oils and certain brands of pasta, butter, etc.
WOW!!!! This will take awhile to learn to adjust my eating habits.


Okay, Either I am struggling or my blog
I have about 4 posts that I am not seeing on here, yet when I check my list of posts they are on there. Could someone please let me know if they see a post of the canvas I made for my friend char?
Thanks so much.


I posted a sneak peek awhile back, and Now that I posted my challenge over at Rhubarb Roots, I thought it was time to share with you.
My challenge was to take an item you would normally recycle and alter it.
I altered a pringles container to act as a "vase"
Created flowers, and adhered them to pencils that I painted pink or purple.
It was time consuming and rather simple to create.

Layout for today

February 6/08
I have been getting really crappy pictures of my layouts lately...crooked and crazy.
Anyway, got this done at 6:30 this morning,

Pregnancy pictures

I am going to be taking pregnancy pictures for a friend on Saturday, but have never done this.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Please!!! LOL!!

Recipe exchange

I am participating in a recipe exchange through Rhubarb Roots.
It took me awhile to figure out how to design mine, but once I got going, I was able to complete the 10 layouts pretty quick.
In all of my excitment, I totally forgot to share my recent toots on here.
there is a new e-zine called "Magazine of memories"
The owner is a woman named Frankie who is putting all of her energy into making this e-zine a go, and I believe that she is going to be very successful with it.
I had 3 cards and a layout featured in the February issue(This was the first issue)
I encourage all of you to go check it out, and submit some work.
If you want any additonal info, leave me a comment.

Sibling love

February 5/08
I just love these 2 pictures of the two of them.

February 5/08
Of course while i was at it, I had to take pictures of Rory too...She is too cute not to..hee hee

Photo shoot

February 5/08
I was so excited about taking Pictures of Cohen for his first birthday...Isn't he adorable?!

Love all around

February 1 was a big day for My Grandma. She turned 93!!!!!!
I feel so fortunate to have her still with us, I feel so blessed that she appreciates life and is with mind that she can enjoy her life. I feel more blessed each and every day that I have with her.

A fave

This is one of my favourite layouts that I have created lately.
I lov Ki lace cardstock, and owls and the fact that I have a rare picture of me with my gorgeous son.