Monday, November 26, 2007

good news

December 5, 2007
I received a happy email this morning. Paws On Scrapbooking chose me to be their Guest DT member for the month of January..That is very exciting!!
They also featured my figgy pudding paper tree in their newsletter at the end of November. go check it out-There is a lot of talent going on over there.

a scare last night

December 4/07
Last night while we were visiting My Grandma, I ate some of the nut mixture in a container and had an immediate allergic reaction(my throat swelled up and started to close, my tongue was completely swollen, my lips were covered in big bumps, and I couldnt swallow, so we rushed to the hospital, where I was given 2 needles, and very soon my reaction disappeared. So I now have to go the the doctor and start carrying an epi-pen with me at all times, and from there go see an allergist to find the exact extent of my allergy.
This was a really scary experience, and in the first 29 years od my life, I had NO allergies.

another tradition

well, for the 3rd year, we took a drive to Cd tree farm(past St Pierre) to search for a perfect tree. Well, we didnt quite find it this year..lo. We found a nice full tree, but it just wasnt as tall as we like.
Si enjoyed watching while Daddy cut it down. We went for the traditional sleigh ride, and then went inside to warm up over hot chocolate and peanuts.


Don't you just love traditions that have been carried on since you were a child?
I love these chocolate advent calendars. I remember having one every year during my childhood, and now that I am a mom, I get to pass this on to my son. I love seeing his excitement every morning when he checks to see which shrek chocolate he gets to eat.

Tag swap

There were several of us Rhubarb Roots "groupies" who participated in a Christmas tag swap.
I made 10 of these, and mailed them on saturday.

2 small toots

I received 2 emails from Memory makers magazine yesterday, and 2 of my layouts"a sad departure" and "timeless" made it into their gallery as a featured project.
I really hope one of these days, some of my work will actually start making it into magazines..I guess I just need to keep creating & submitting like a mad woman..hee hee

mini album complete

November 27/07
Last night, I finally finished my mini album that i created about the crop for kids event that I attended last month.
This book took me awhile to make(mainly because I couldnt get motivated with it, but now I love it)
I made this album out of transparencies(from my local office supply store) torn napkins, paint, mod podge and a sewing machine.

Scarff family shoot

Sunday, November 25/07
This morning I had a photo shoot with this awesome family. We were lucky that for a brief moment it was fairly mild. This family kicks butt!!! There were so much fun, going along with anything, just being themselves, and I was able to capture just over a hundred shots in 14 minutes.
Thanks guys for being so fun!!!

Scarff family photo shoot

Sunday, November 25/07
We held the photo shoot at the perfect time. Not even an hour later, it started to snow heavily.
I just love these pictures of these 2 cute kids.
The last picture is my favorite from the shoot. You may ask why a picture of people's crotches?? LOL!!! Take another look..go ahead!!! Do you see what I see? I see a family that is holding hands, a family that is so full of love, that it is so evident in the way they held hands with one another.


Sunday, November 25/07
This morning during a photo shoot, I was fortunate enough to meet Wyatt(a very beautiful sheltie)
He is faced with some extremely serious health issues right now, so I feel really blessed to have been lucky enough to spend some time with him, and capture some gorgeous shots of him.

another fun Saturday

November 24/07
We started our day off by heading over to the annual craft show in town(It was pretty brutal, but I am almost thinking I may have a booth up next year, selling some of my crafts)
From 11-12:40 we took Si over to his friend Rory's 3rd birthday party(It was one of THE best kids parties I have ever attended)
Then we took off to Grand forks for some good old shopping. I was very disappointed with the lack of sales, considering it was their Thanksgiving weekend, but I did find some great items. It was my 1st time going to bath & body works, and I can say that I am officially addicted...I bought a LOT of the hand soaps(yummy)
We fell in love with a puppy at the pet store(a doxy-poo) and No we did not take her
Si got his picture taken with the santa in the mall(I thought it was the best looking santa I have ever seen in a mall, and Rob thought he looked like some homeless dude)
Got some Christmas shopping done
Went for supper at the Village Inn, where we once thought the best banana cream pie was made(turns out we were wrong. It tasted pretty horrible this time)
Then on the way home, we encountered something pretty horrible. We arrived on an accident scene right after the ambulance, fire trucks,etc arrived. A car collided with something(we think it was a moose, due to the size of the creature on the road) We ended up driving over an animal leg(I will never forget what that felt/sounded will always haunt me) The windshield of the car was totally gone, and We think the driver may have flew out of the window. The workers were walking towards the car to find the person/people.
UGH!!!! Sorry for being so graphic, but this scene really bothered me.
All I kept thinking was if I wouldnt have quickly ran into Michaels, it could have been us.

annual Christmas tradition

Friday, November 23/07
Tonight our town hosted their annual Christmas tradition. The evening started off with the Christmas parade(which even included Santa Claus on a float) Then we walked across the street to sing Christmas carols & roast hot dogs & masrshmallows over the bonfires.
They lighted the town tree, and we walked over to the mall for hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. It was chilly outside, but once again we had a great time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

productive weekend

November 16 &17, I spent the weekend at Rhubarb Roots at a crop. There were 12 of us crazy ladies, and we had SO much fun. The goody bags were amazing, the food was beyond amazing, the prizes were awesome, the games & challenges were a riot.
I can't wait for the next one.
I also feel honored becasue my layout "timeless" won 1st place in the contest there..Thanks ladies for voting for me!!
Here are some of my layouts from the weekend.

A Monday toot

I received an email that my "Thankful for" layout will be the featured idea for the Memory makers Magazine online idea gallery on November 22.
It may also be the featured idea in the "memory project ideas" email that the subscribers receive.
That is always a great way to start the week

My November sketch for Rhubarb Roots

November 19/07
I had a lot of fun with this layout. It was the first time I have cut the subject out of the picture.
I also ripped a page out of the dictionary with the prince definition on it, and then chalked it.

BG toot

November 15/07
YAY!! Got the email this morning, that Basic grey approved my figgy pudding tree for in their gallery!!

RAK winner

is......ALLIE from Oklahoma
YAY!!! Thanks for sending me your address, and for checking out my blog.
I have to say Allie has some really great tutorials, etc on her blog, go check it out...

Great weekend up ahead

Thursday, November 15/07
This is going to be an awesome weekend. Friday night and all day Saturday will be spent at Rhubarb Roots for a weekend crop...i am PUMPED!!!!!
Also, starting the last Thursday of this month, I will be teaching one class a month there, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know, and I will see what I can do.

Paper snowflake decorative ornament

November 13/07
This was actually a really quick project..maybe half an hour.
It looks way more complicated then it is.
Here are some instructions....
1)take 6 pieces of any size cardstock..they can be any size as long as they are all identical(i used 6x6)
2)Fold each cardstock square into a triangle
3) cut 4 slits on the right side and 4 slits on the left side of each triangle(just make sure the slits don't meet)
4)Take the 2 middle slits and join them together, adhering with glue dots or staples(i used staples to make sure it would adhere. but it doesnt look as nice then either)
5)join each slit with the one on the other side(alternate from front to back to it is more topsy turvy) and staple or adhere each piece together
6)Take 3 of the snowflakes and staple the bases together
7)Take the other 3 snowflakes and staple those bases together
8)staple the 2 stapled bases together
9)staple each pointed end to the snowflake next to it, to keep it under control
10)decorate snowflakes with stickles, paint, etc
11)punch a hole at the top of one snowflake and hang it up.


I finished the paper bag album from Cathy Schellberg's class at crop for kids last month.
Here is the end result(I will add pictures next year once Si starts KIndergarten)

lil Christmas project

I made this little tree last night, and it took maybe 45 minutes from start to finish.
Here are the instructions, for anyone who might be interested.
1)Take a 12x12 sheet of cardstock, make it into a cone shape, and use adhesive to adhere(I used scotch tape, and it worked great) If the cone does not stand perfectly, just trim the base to even it out.
2)I took 2 sheets of double sided patterned paper(so I had 4 prints to work with)..gotta love that figgy pudding..hee hee
I cut the paper into 1" by 3" strips, I used about 5o strips on here.
3)wrap the end of each strip around a pencil to curl it, and then gently slide the pencil out from the curl.
4)I love my hot glue gun, so I hot glued every paper strip to the c.s. cone.
(You could use double sided tape, etc)
I worked around the bottom of the tree first, and worked my way to the top, staggering the paper strips.
5)I inked a raw chipboard star by scenic route, added some cinnamon stickles, and then hot glued to the top of the tree.

1st family photo shoot

That I have ever done. It turned out really good.
Here are 5 of my favorites from yesterday morning's shoot.
Thank you Colin, Brigitte & Paige for being my "guinea pigs."

Good weekend

Well, this was a busy but fun weekend.
Friday, I went to Winkler and picked up 2 movies, and fun things like that.
Saturday, we stayed at the hotel, did some swimming, ate dinner at My Dads, held my baby nephew, and watched "Ratatouille"
Today, I did a photo shoot for a family(the pictures turned out nice, the family had a lot of great ideas, the weather was warm, and they had a gorgeous yard) I hope to post a few this week.
This afternoon, we took Si skating. I think My Dad had more fun then Si did.
To give you a vision of what Si's skating attempt looked like, picture a fawn learning to was too cute.
Yes, I did take pictures, but I am too lazy to go get my camera.I am debating between a nap or some scrapbooking..I am leaning toward a nap.
Happy Sunday!!!!!
p.s. Happy 28th Birthday CURT!!!!!! WE love you, bro!!!


Because I have had such a blessed day, I am going to send an RAK to the first person who emails me a picture of what they have created using alcohol inks(instructions would also be nice..hee hee) or a calendar they have made using a cookie sheet.
My email addy is
Trust me it will be a nice RAK!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!

Must be my lucky day!!!

November 9/07
This day started off on the right note! I woke up, checked my emails only to see 2 great emails.
1)I submitted my layout "Thankful for" which I created from the November kit at Rhubarb Roots and it was accepted into the Basic grey online gallery. It was the first layout I have ever entered there and it was accepted within 5 hours.
2)I won a printer!!!!!! I checked out the site craft critique and there was to be a drawing, so I entered and I won!!!! It is a Kodak easyshare 5300. WOHOO!!!!!
**Im not sure what our plans are for tonight, but tomorrow we are staying at the Hotel here in town(lol, no I would not pay $100 to stay at this "hotel" but I won it at the arena sale
so we are going to swim, swim, swim.

another good day

Tonight I am going to start my 5 week photoshop class with a friend, so that should be fun!!!! I figure with people asking me to take family pictures for them, pictures of their kids, etc, it might help to know how to properly edit
**there is a really talented scrapper named Jessica Acs, she is a big part of a site called iscrap, she is currently in the works of having another book published, well today she mentioned my blog on her site as a blog to check out...YAY!!!!! Maybe it's time I start putting more effort into my blog..hee hee
Happy Wednesday everyone!!! 2 more days til the weekend.

altered project for my Grandma

Thanks to the idea from Rhubarb Roots, I made this vintage photo display book for My Grandma. Originally I was going to wait to Christmas to give it to her, but with the way she has been feeling, I wanted to brighten up her week.