Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Paper snowflake decorative ornament

November 13/07
This was actually a really quick project..maybe half an hour.
It looks way more complicated then it is.
Here are some instructions....
1)take 6 pieces of any size cardstock..they can be any size as long as they are all identical(i used 6x6)
2)Fold each cardstock square into a triangle
3) cut 4 slits on the right side and 4 slits on the left side of each triangle(just make sure the slits don't meet)
4)Take the 2 middle slits and join them together, adhering with glue dots or staples(i used staples to make sure it would adhere. but it doesnt look as nice then either)
5)join each slit with the one on the other side(alternate from front to back to it is more topsy turvy) and staple or adhere each piece together
6)Take 3 of the snowflakes and staple the bases together
7)Take the other 3 snowflakes and staple those bases together
8)staple the 2 stapled bases together
9)staple each pointed end to the snowflake next to it, to keep it under control
10)decorate snowflakes with stickles, paint, etc
11)punch a hole at the top of one snowflake and hang it up.