Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good weekend

Well, this was a busy but fun weekend.
Friday, I went to Winkler and picked up 2 movies, and fun things like that.
Saturday, we stayed at the hotel, did some swimming, ate dinner at My Dads, held my baby nephew, and watched "Ratatouille"
Today, I did a photo shoot for a family(the pictures turned out nice, the family had a lot of great ideas, the weather was warm, and they had a gorgeous yard) I hope to post a few this week.
This afternoon, we took Si skating. I think My Dad had more fun then Si did.
To give you a vision of what Si's skating attempt looked like, picture a fawn learning to was too cute.
Yes, I did take pictures, but I am too lazy to go get my camera.I am debating between a nap or some scrapbooking..I am leaning toward a nap.
Happy Sunday!!!!!
p.s. Happy 28th Birthday CURT!!!!!! WE love you, bro!!!

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