Wednesday, December 12, 2007

365 challenge

January 3, 2007
I am participating in the 365 challenge from the
I journal every day, take a picture everyday(Im not taking a picture of myself everyday, I am going to include a picture of something from that specific day) and create one layout a week.
I completed my layout for this week already because I felt so inspired by what Si did last night before bed.....getting the table set so we could have an alpha-buts bed snack together.
I love those chipboard figurines by Maya Road...I won them from Fiona Carters blog...Thanks Fiona!!!!!!!
Have a great day!!!!
Im going scrapping tonight at Rhubarb Roots...YAY!!!!!!!

recent projects

january 1, 2008
I have spent the last few days working like a mad woman to get caught up in my book about me album.
Here are pictures of my cover and 3 of the inside pages that I have just created.
Do you have a book about me album?


is my word of the year for 2008.
I thought this would be most suitable, considering I am constantly thinking of what I can create next, and majority of my goals for this year are on the creative side of things.
What is your word for 2008?

Welcome to 2008

So, here is what my evening consisted of....
*Took Si tot he theatre to see "Alvin and the chipmunks" for the 2nd time.
*He crashed by 8:45 on the way home, and refused to wake up to chill out with me.
**So, I spent the evening watching 2 of my fave reality shows "Pageant place" and "newport harbour" and organizing my living room, and throwing out the Christmas tree.
* I refused to let myself listen to the new years song (I always forget how to spell the title)because for some reason that song brings tears to my eyes, and it was depressing enough spending the evening by myself)
**At midnight I went to go wake up Si by saying "Happy new year" he mumbled "Where am I?" I told him "guess what? It's a new year" and he said"oh" so I said "it's now 2008" and his reply was "I dont like that! I wanna go to sleep" and he rolled over and passed out again.
Now seriously, how many kids would rather sleep then get the chance to hang out past midnight watching tv?

**So, have you set any resolutions/goals for 2008?
Here are some of my goals for the new year....
1)Work on something creative almost every day
2)Submit all of my work and hopefully start seeing some of my work in basically create like a mad woman, and then submit like a mad woman....hee hee
3)Get on a scrapbooking manufacturer Design team (I made it as a finalist for Daisy d's, now if only I could make it to the team)
4)Stop gaining weight..Its depressing when youre heavier 4 years after the birth of your child, then when you were pregnant with him.
5)Really encourage Si with his art...He is only 4, but shit! You should see this kids creations....It amazes me everyday...My boy has got talent!!!!!
Work at being a great momma, a great friend, daughter, etc.
6)Figure out what to do with my relationship with Rob....Do I want to keep working on what feels hopeless as a success story(we get along pretty good, but I just feel like I have lost a LOT of love and respect for him these past years, or do I keep trying to make it work, knowing that Si loves having his family together....
7)Be a daily part of my Grandma's life, now that she lives beside me. I dont know how much longer I will get to hang out with her, so I want to make the most of it, and I want to start documenting her life in a scrapbook for her. Ive been noticing a lot of confusion and short term memory loss with her, so I want to do this while she remembers.
8)Be successful with this 365 challenge over at this blog

I didnt mean to bore you, or get too deep with my life here...Just trying to focus on a new year and what I want to achieve in it.
Stay safe!!!!!

January 1, 2008
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


December 29/07
So this is what has been keeping me busy since Christmas....
1)A sick boy. He is having a really sore throat with a wicked cough. The doctor said it is just a virus, but each day he seems to be worse. This weekend has been so quiet...he has slept for most of the day, occasionally watching cartoons.
2) While he has been sleeping, I have been creating!!!!! I made 3 cards and 2 layouts for my guest Dt spot in january over at Paws on Scrapbooking. Aside from mentioning Cosmo Cricket, I wont give anything else away.
Go check it out at http://www.pawsonscrapbooking/ My work will be posted in their gallery for January 15.

too many presents

We got way tooo spoiled this year...Look at all of this..where are we going to put everything?
I am excited because I got a bind it all machine by zutter..YIPPEE!!!!!!


I am beaming with pride over the FABULOUS pictures Si has been creating on his art easel....He has now mastered drawing butterflies, flowers, clouds, etc. I love watching him create!!!

Boxing day gathering

December 26/07
I worked from 7-noon this morning, and then we got ready to go to the Wiebe gathering at my dads.
After the toboganning, we ate dinner(ham with mashed potatoes)and then Si, my cousins Tim & Josh and I spent about an hour and a half in the hot tub.....Tim was too funny...he kept making snow angels, ran around in the snow and even sat on the swing before jumping back into the hot tub....He convinced Si to try it, so Si started to hit the snow but quickly changed his mind. I cant say I was feeling that brave this year..the water was too comfy!!!!

wipe outs

December 26/07
This afternoon I went toboganning with Si, Rob and my dad. It was so mild outside, and was ready to go. but I could NOT go down the hill without wiping out. I went down 3 times, and had 2 pretty bad wipeouts. The first one I hit my left bum cheek, and the last one I landed on my shoulder(needless to say I was done after that) My dad did get some funny pictures of this event though.

Christmas day

december 25/07
Being a scrapbooker I hate to admit it, but I took next to no pictures this Christmas. I dont know why, but I just didnt think of it. And the pictures I did take, were not that great. I am disappointed in myself.
This picture of Si does make me laugh though.
We went to my birth dads family for supper, like usual and Si had been watching my uncle Guy & cousin Michael throwing balls of wrapping paper back and forth. After awhile he begged Michael to throw a ball at him, so Michael did, and Si had some fancy moves happening....He ducked, twisted his was HILARIOUS!!!!!! I did capture a picture of this.

Christmas eve

December 24/07
Si and Rob got back from their semi trip shortly after lunch. Rob needed to do some things in Winkler, so Si and I went to go see the movie "P.S> I love you" That is a great movie...romantic and cute..I would recommend it!!!!!!
I made homemade perogies for our dinner, and I even picked up Christmas crackers for before supper, but they were junk, and all that was inside was the same joke, and junky stickers.
After we each opened a present..I got kodak picture paper for my new printer.
Si and I put out reindeer food in the front, and then got the milk and cookies ready for Santa.
Watched "Santa claus 3" and then got Si off to bed...he fought sleep for a long time.
Once he finally crashed, we set off to work...Rob set up the easel for Si, while I filled the stockings and brought the presents into the living room.
Once we were done and could relax, we gave in to a new addiction "newport harbour" on tv....I am loving that show!!!

Christmas gathering

December 23/07
We had our family gathering at My dad & Yvonne's today..we headed over there around 3, eating appetizers(My dad is king of appetizers) My dad read the Christmas story(he does every year)It was interesting because everyone said something that happened to them this past year that they were thankful for. I enjoyed hearing everyones answers. I said that I was thankful that My dad was able to retire while he is young and healthy enough to enjoy it, and thankful that My Grandma has moved right beside me, and I get to be a part of her day to day life.
We opened presents. Our folks is taking everyone to Florida in March, so I will be going for close to 2 weeks. My brother gave me "Desperate Housewives season 3" dvd and "evan almighty" dvd.
For dinner, we had our traditonal steak, potatoes, mushrooms, ceasar salad(as terrific as always) and then Yvonne made red velvet cake for dessert(i had never had that before, but was curious about it and WOW!!!! That is all I can say about that dessert)
We had a new experience with Si. It was the first time where he tried gettign greedy with presents, and just plain rude. He refused to listed to me when I tried to talk to him about it, so thank goodness he listened to Rob, and then he was great...Thankful with the presents, eager to see what other people got.

Our little performer

December 22/07
Today we hurried back from Grand Forks to make it in time for Si to perform in his sunday school Christmas program....He had fun singing, but because there was such a long program after, he got pretty restless until Rob brought out the crayons and a coloring page.
Mike came over after for appetizers(I made bruschetta, mozza sticks, and cheeseball with crackers)
I was going downstairs to get soemthing, and I slipped and fell down the stairs(right on the metal) A week later and I still have a HUGE!!!!!! black bruise on the right bum cheek....I can now sit and sleep comfortably though.
Man, that was embarrasing!!!

C'mon Inn

December 21/07
Tonight we went to Grand Forks to get our Christmas shopping finished, and we managed to snag a room at our favorite hotel...the C'mon Inn.
For anyone who has never been there...It ROCKS!!!!!!
Our room had a 42" plasma tv, king size bed with comfy pillows and comforter, and the courtyear is phenomenal with all of the hot tubs and the breakfast area where you can make waffles for breakfast...somehow waffles just taste that much better at the c'mon inn
I was surprised because the stores and mall were surprisingly quiet.

My December challenge

for over at Rhubarb Roots, was to use something that you felt overwhelmed by, or really just could not get motivated by it.
I chose the maya Rooad chipboard bird album because it was something I "had" to have, and then once I had it, just couldnt get motivated with it.
So, I used it to record 12 memories of Christmas, and was happy with the end result.

Christmas party

December 22, 2007
This morning, I hosted my annual Christmas party for my daycare children.
Rob dressed up as Santa again(although this time He wore sunglasses so Si wouldnt recognize him...last year it was a close call, but this year he had no suspicions...PHEW!!!!!!)
The kids enjoyed their gifts, and I got spoiled by everyone as well.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


december 18/07
Tonight we went to go visit Oma Wiebe( we try to go almost every day, have I mentioned how much I love having her live next door?!)
Si insisted I bring my camera along, and then insisted that I take a picture of them lying on her bed...Oma comprimised and let me take the picture of them sitting on the bed.
I just love these 2 soooooooo much!!!!!

My quirky kid

really..I wonder where he gets his quirkiness from???
Thanks to ideas from his daddy(lol) he has now decided that when he naps he needs to wear his huge concert headphones. He insists on sharing his room with his gf for naps, but gets irritated by her snoring, so this is the solution he came up with..hee hee
I can't believe he sleeps so sound and comfortable with those huge things on.


Okay, does my 4 year old have an insane amount of talent or what?
I am thrilled that being creative comes so naturally for Si(I have to work at my creativity)
I love seeing the great ideas that he comes up with..always thinking, always having new designs...always BRILLIANT!!!!

Fond childhood memories

Does anyone else remember "Mickey's Christmas carol?" Well one of my best friends and I used to watch this movie every year at our little Christmas party while growing up(okay, so maybe it was only the 2 of us at our party)
At 29, I still get excited every year when they start playing it a week before Christmas....I love that I have a son whom I can share this tradition with.
We had a great time cuddling on the couch, watching it on Monday night.

Our "masterpiece" lol!!!!

Well, Si and I decided that it was time to start an annual Gingerbread house tradition.
Unfortunately, I must admit that his decorating skills kick butt over my icing "skills."
My question is....why do they put such a dumb bag in the box with icing..really, couldnt they make it a LITTLE easier to work with???

My lucky week

This week has been another great one.
I received the email this evening that One of my layouts won the "my favorite things" contest at
the winning prize is Adobe elements 5.0
**I also won a really cool Maya Road chipboard figurine keychain just for posting a comment on a scrapping blog.

december sketch for Rhubarb Roots

December 17/07
here is the sketch and layout I designed for the month of December over at Rhubarb Roots.
the layout is called "how sweet"
p.s. one week until Christmas eve...yikes!!!! I am so not ready for this!!

Winter beauty continued

Winter beauty

December 16/07
This morning while Si was in Sunday school, I went for a drive to the marais with cindy(a close friend of mine)
She had the best idea, because I managed to capture some great shots...It is cold out there!!

pay it forward

December 13/07
I just "won" a pay it forward on another blog,so now here is what I am going to do...
I will send out something homemade(im not sure what, quite yet) to the first 3 people who post a comment here.
In return, You promise to do the same.. Host a pay it forward on your blog for the first 3 people.
Once I have had 3 comments,Iwill email you, asking for your adress, and post the winners on my blog.
have fun!!!

decorating with paper

After my stamp group on Monday, I am slightly infatuated with making these paper stars...I am hanging some on my Christmas tree, and I want to find a funky metal bowl to display the others year round.
I also copied Ali's ornament idea, and typed words onto cardstock and hung the words on my tree..I am loving that look.
hey everyone,
I stumbled across this great blog You should go check it out, AND if you help spread the word about this great site, you could be eligible to win some awesome stamps.
Go take a look..I dare you..hee hee

Wholly crap!!!!

My printer is here..yes, this is the one I won by posting a comment on a blog. I am so excited I can not wait to set it up and try it out.

homemade gifts

I made some of these to give to a few family members.
I stamped the images and words onto white tissue paper, and using my heat tool melted the paper into the candle, added some glitter while the candle was still warm, tied fibers around the candle, and voila...