Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas eve

December 24/07
Si and Rob got back from their semi trip shortly after lunch. Rob needed to do some things in Winkler, so Si and I went to go see the movie "P.S> I love you" That is a great movie...romantic and cute..I would recommend it!!!!!!
I made homemade perogies for our dinner, and I even picked up Christmas crackers for before supper, but they were junk, and all that was inside was the same joke, and junky stickers.
After we each opened a present..I got kodak picture paper for my new printer.
Si and I put out reindeer food in the front, and then got the milk and cookies ready for Santa.
Watched "Santa claus 3" and then got Si off to bed...he fought sleep for a long time.
Once he finally crashed, we set off to work...Rob set up the easel for Si, while I filled the stockings and brought the presents into the living room.
Once we were done and could relax, we gave in to a new addiction "newport harbour" on tv....I am loving that show!!!

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