Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas gathering

December 23/07
We had our family gathering at My dad & Yvonne's today..we headed over there around 3, eating appetizers(My dad is king of appetizers) My dad read the Christmas story(he does every year)It was interesting because everyone said something that happened to them this past year that they were thankful for. I enjoyed hearing everyones answers. I said that I was thankful that My dad was able to retire while he is young and healthy enough to enjoy it, and thankful that My Grandma has moved right beside me, and I get to be a part of her day to day life.
We opened presents. Our folks is taking everyone to Florida in March, so I will be going for close to 2 weeks. My brother gave me "Desperate Housewives season 3" dvd and "evan almighty" dvd.
For dinner, we had our traditonal steak, potatoes, mushrooms, ceasar salad(as terrific as always) and then Yvonne made red velvet cake for dessert(i had never had that before, but was curious about it and WOW!!!! That is all I can say about that dessert)
We had a new experience with Si. It was the first time where he tried gettign greedy with presents, and just plain rude. He refused to listed to me when I tried to talk to him about it, so thank goodness he listened to Rob, and then he was great...Thankful with the presents, eager to see what other people got.

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