Monday, August 27, 2007

A mini photo shoot

August 28/07 I had a productive day. In the morning I did a photo shoot of My best friend's newborn daughter, Aurellia. There are some gorgeous shots. Im hoping that within 2 weeks I have a chance to edit them, and ask permission, so I can post some of them.
This evening I felt inspired by how beautiful my roses were looking, so I grabbed Si and had him pose in front of my fence with them. I didnt edit any of these shots, and I am LOVIN' the result!!!

My 29th birthday

Well as of the 24th, I am officially 29. This is my dreaded year because I am terrified of hitting 30 next year. I know it wont be so bad being 30 but it just seems!!!
I had a great birthday. It started with one of the kids bringing me cupcakes when she got dropped off here, then Si spent the afternoon with His Nana & Poppa, and I went there for a steak dinner. My Grandma Wiebe made time to come join us, so that was really special!!! I even had roses and a card waiting for me from Si, and then I got a beautiful photo album and a cupcake recipe book from My folks.
On the 25th, Si and I went to the city. We watched "the Nanny Diaires" at the theatre, and headed to the Justin Timberlake concert. That was beyond phenomenal. It was without a doubt the best concert I have EVER seen!!! It helps that he is pretty good


Well, my little guy is growing up more and more each day. This last week he has decided that he is now ready to start sleeping in his own bed. I was proud of him and excited to have space in my bed again, but also a little sad!!!


I had a blast creating this layout from one of Si's "modelling" poses.
If anyone is interested you can check out my online scarpbooking gallery at name is Trace)
Right now I am working on their kit for September, and even though I can't show what I have created yet, I can promise it is a phenomenal kit to work with..very vibrant!!!!


Saturday, August 17/07 Today we spent the day at Tinkertown and I love it there. It really makes me feel like I am reliving my I convinced Si to go on the tilt-a-whirl with me(That is my all time favorite ride) and I think he was sorry because he was terrified during the ride, but then once we got off, he said that he liked it(yet, he didnt want to go back on
You can NOT go to tinkertown without taking a stop at the silly mirrors. It was highly entertaining!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

whohoo!! My best friend is finally a Mommy

Wednesday, August 15/07 Karen & Jason Peters are the brand new parents of Aurellia Avalon Genesis Peters. She is a very beautiful baby, and I cant wait to spoil her.

Live on arrival

Sunday, August 12/07 We went to their concert in Winkler, and this band rocks!!!! They are local, getting air time on Hot 103 and Q 94 FM, I seriously think these guys are going to make it big very quckly. This is Robb & Kyle, there is also Sonny, Len & Matt...they were at the next table.
Go check out their website

some layouts

The angel layout was all from products I had recently purchased at Rhubarb roots scrapbooking store, and the layout about me is from the book of me club I am in at the store.
For anyone who is interested you can follow the Rhubarb roots link and go check out my gallery for the design team on there(user name is Trace) It is also a really fun online community there, so fellow scrapbookers register on the won't be sorry! (Dont forget to mention I sent you there..hee hee)

A challenge/contest/whatever you want to call it

well as you all know, I want to work on my photography skills, so am taking photography and photoshop classes through Red river community college beginning in September.
My "contest" is this..For the first 2 people who express interest, I will either come into your home or go to a location of your choice and follow your child/pet/family around for an hour or two taking pictures. I will edit them and burn them onto a disk for you to then do with what you want. The advantage for me is pictures I can add to my portfolio...Interested? Give me a holler!

fun, fun, fun

Edmonton was a blast, it was hard to come back to boring old Manitoba. One of my favorite parts was getting a kiss on my head from a sea lion. I wanted to adopt
Then we went straight to the Nickelback concert in Winnipeg last night. That was phenomenal. We made it to the front row at the stage, and Chad Kroeger(the lead singer) even had a conversation with Silas about the shirt Si was wearing.(It says The breast man) and Su's picture was on the screens. Very exciting moment for us.

Bumper boats

Which one of us had more fun? hee hee

Build a bear

I had been wanting to do this with Si for the longest time, so West Edmonton mall seemed like the perfect time to do so.


Some really funky sky pictures I took, on the way to Alberta.


I think Si watches me entirely too much. lol. Tonight at the hotel in Edmonton he decided to wear my skull headband to pretend he was me.

My boy!

How can you tell this is my kid? The camera might be a give

My Auntie Gwen

I love every chance I get to spend with her. We are sooooo much alike in every way! Same likes, dislikes, sayings, etc. In a way it's almost like talking to myself.