Friday, August 29, 2008

the scrapping bug kit reveal...

August 29/08

OKAY.... I just realized that I cant leave you for a few days without posting my creations from September's kit at
It is the appleton line from Scenic Route, and even though my son hasnt started school yet, I still had an easy peasy time finding things to scrap that worked with this line.
I made 4 layouts, 4 cards, and one altered item with this kit...ready for a lot of pictures??
p.s. Go check out the bug gallery to see the AWESOME creations from my fellow dt'ers.

MIA for a few days

August 29/08

I had another doctors appointment today, and it looks like I will be going for my surgery tomorrow morning, because it has gotten infected and Im in a lot of pain.
I am going to go sleep now:) but I should be up and running for Monday.
Enjoy your long weekend

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I need your votes

I entered our puppy into a canine idol contest in the Winnipeg Free Press, with the grand prize being $500 worth of dog products, but She needs ALOT of votes to catch up and pass some of the others.
All you do is go to type in her name Memphis(She is the only dog named Memphis in the competition) and click on vote for this canine.
You are allowed to vote for the dog once every day til it ends September 5.
Thanks so much!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good and bad news

August 27/08
Lets start with the good....
**I won a prize pack from Fancy Pants designs..WOOT!!!WOOT!!!!!
and tomorrow I am going to my friend Lindsays for dinner and an evening of scrapping.
The bad...
**I saw my Doctor today and I have a cyst(I forget the clinical term) So, tomorrow I go for a complete physical and I am waiting to hear the date for my surgery. I will be put under, and have to spend at least one night in the hospital(My body is so tired from all of these surgeries) So I am a little nervous about this, but the last few days especially I have had quite a bit of pain from the cyst.

On another note......I am waiting for my blog count to hit 10,000 so I can post a giveaway to my loyal blog, lets get viewing:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look at....

August 26/08
How talented my 4 year old son is.
He created this layout completely on his own, using my scraps, some glue, a pen and some embellishments I had around.
All I had to do was write Memphis' name on a piece of paper so he could spell her name in letter stickers, and I had to write I (heart) her, so he could write it himself on a piece of paper.
I LOVE that he shares my enthusiasm for scrapbooking!!!! I WILL encourage this:)

Just so you know...

August 26/08
I have NOT taken a break from the creative world....In fact I have made more layouts, cards and altered items in the last few weeks, then I probably have in 2 months.
I wanted to share 2 new layouts, loven some KI Memories:)
The first one includes a lot of hand cut designs
and the second one included a lot of hand cut designs, and some huge use of the Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

Ive been tagged...

August 26/08

Jessica who is the owner of Kits 2 remember(whom by the way is currently holding a call for a new design team) has tagged me
so here are 7 random facts that you may or may not know about me.....
1)I Do NOT like puppies at all, but I sure do LOVE our little Memphis. I have always found them annoying little terrors(lol) and while she can be one, she is also pretty darn awesome.
2)I have a life threatening allergy to tree nuts, but have also had the occasional small reaction to cool whip and sunflower seeds.
3) I am NOT a morning person, but days when I am up early, I have my most productive time of day
4) I have 7 parts of my body tattoed
5) I will never wear contacts again in my life..been there, done that and it was not for me
6) I, along with dh and several close friends all believe I have ADD... well actually I think I have ADHD because I also can be very hyper.
7) I could easily spend an entire weekend lounging in my bed, watching tv or movies.
**Now I am going to tag a few friends.....


**Have fun ladies:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Time to buy a lottery ticket

August 25/08
I can not believe it!!!! I just won something again
I won a Ranger acrylic paint dabbert set of 6, featuring fall colours from Citrus Tree Studio as an incentive to get new members to their site.
I LOVE anything by Ranger...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 23/08
Just wanted to share some random pictures of my 2 adorable "terrors" from this afternoon

school shopping

So this is what the back of a mini van looks like after 5 girls went shopping together.
3 of us were shopping for clothes for our kids for school, and the other 2 just did random shopping for themselves.
We had a great time in Grand forks, with only 2 low points of the
1) I lost my cell phone for about 20 minutes, but ended up finding it at Wet Seal
2) We were so stoked for lunch at Texas Roadhouse, only to find that they only open at 4, so disappointingly we ate at Boston's.
**I found some awesome sales(especially at Old Navy) and Im pretty certain that Si will be one of the best dressed kids in Kindergarten.

lucky day

August 23/08

YAY!!!! I won a set of Scraponizer's Organizers and a kit to go with them on Dawn Witt's blog.
I am stoked!!!!!!
Thanks so much Dawn (and Cooper:))

Time flies

Last friday, we went to my best friend's "baby's" 1st birthday. It feels like She was just born, so I can only imagine how fast it must have gone by for karen.

Krew Kit #7

August 22/08

here is a little sample of the mini album I created using krew Kit #7 from Kits 2 Remember.
The kit included some supplies that werent my "typical style" but I was still very happy with my end result, and the kit was so full of supplies that I was able to make a mini album, a layout and 5 cards with it, and still have leftovers.


AUGUST 22/08

I am freaking out a little but also super excited.
Last summer I was asked to photograph a wedding and I said flat out no!!
Well this week, I was asked by another upcoming bride, and after saying No and she kept the compliments coming, I agreed.
and now I am getting pretty excited.
I asked a good friend of mine(who takes awesome pictures) to split the work load with me, and we split the income 50/50
If anyone has any advice and suggestions for pictures, PLEASE let me know!!!

Birthday weekend

August 22/08
Im turning 30 in 2 days!!! That's right...30!!!!!! I have been dreading that age since I hit 19, and here it is sneaking up on me. It doesnt help that I still feel 22.
I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend except for a birthday supper at My parent's house(yummy) on Sunday.
So, I think I will take Si to go see a movie on the weekend, and hopefully get a lot of scrapping done.
To make things a litle better, I am happy to say I just won an phenomenal giveaway on Kandice Matsler's blog at In fact it is $300 worth of awesomeness.
That brought a huge smile to my face this morning...Im excited to see what will all be in that box

Friday, August 15, 2008

This has been an awesome week:)

August 15, 2008

I made TWO guest designer "gigs" woohooo..I am incredibly excited about both.
In no order of importance...he heee
#1 I will be the guest layout designer in October to CropStop(They just announced their brand new design team)
The new gallery will be going up in about a week, and they are working on a forum.
#2 After working my butt off for 3 rounds(It was a riot..the girls are fabulous) I will be the guest designer in November to the Mosy Scrapper...They also just announced the new design team last night and those ladies have got talent I could only dream about.
Co check out the me it is always freakin hilarious over there

Sunday, August 10, 2008

upcoming news

August 12/08
I just received some great scrapping news.....
BUT You will have to wait until Saturday for me to make my announcement:)

woot! woot!!!

August 12, 2008

I was asked by the fabulous Deanne Burton to join her new card design team.
I am quite excited as I love working with sketches, and love the challenge of making cards.
I will be working alongside 16 other gals, and you will be able to see our first creations at the beginning of september at
Deanne also has a new layout sketch design team and one of my scrapping friends(Laurel) is a part of it..YAY Laurel!!!!!!!

Weekend randoms

We had a really busy and fun weekend.
Friday, we went into the city for supper at The keg, and stayed at Holiday Inn(The pet friendly one, so we could bring memphis)
Saturday, we went to help at tim Mcleans funeral in case the protesters showed up(There were about 499 other people who showed up who also didnt know Tim personally, but wanted to help show support in some way)

Fancy Pants

I was busy creating some items using Fancy pants products(yummy)
I made 2 layours and then a wall decor piece for Si's bedroom.
I used 4 chipboard squares(courtesy of Jessica Guthrie-kits 2 remember) covered them in various ways using patterned paper, added a pic, some chipboard, paint...all the goods:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Im loving this week

August 6/08

Just found out that I am finally going to be published in Canadian Scrapbooker magazine(this has been a huge goal of mine since this awesome magazine started out)
The issue will be out Decemeber 1.
Thanks for letting me toot

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

great way....

August 5/08

To start the week.
I won this awesome American Crafts album on this great new challenge blog called
Go check it out!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


August 2/08

I am fired up!!!!! I just heard from Becks Fagg that I am one of the 12 scapbook apprentices for the competition to work alongside her in the new magazine, "Creativity life"
One it begins, I will be needing your votes!!!!!!!

New kit over at Kits 2 remember

August 1/08
Here are a few pages of the acrylic album I created using krew kit #6 from Kits 2 remember.
I added paint and a few number stickers, but everything else was included in the kit.
My theme for the album was a week in the life of Si.
I think this was the kit I have most enjoyed during my term.
I also had enough supplies left over to make a mini album using paper Trunk paper(also included)


August 1, 2008
Here is a layout I made using the kit from rhubarb Roots..for other samples go to

August kits are now for sale

August 1/08

At....RHUBARB ROOTS!!!! and this is their greatest kit ever.
It includes Rose Moka patterned paper, bright cardstock, Rose Moka letter stickers, ribbon, flowers, and assorted embellishments...
This kit will sell fast, so go get yours today at and check ot their new blog while you're at it:)

Great news

August 1/08

I was blessed this week with 2 exciting pieces of scrapping news......

i will be having a layout published in the Jan/Feb issue of Memory Makers magazine(my 1st pub with them)

I was asked to join the design team over at so I am excited for the adventure with them.

our new addition

August 1/08

Introducing "Memphis Belle" and yes, WE named her:)
She was born June 7, and Rob and Si picked her up last night.
She is a cock-a-poo, so she will stay small, and yay!!!! she doesnt shed.

So far, she has been amazing, so I am actually excited to have a puppy, and to have a girl to scrapbook.