Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ive been tagged...

August 26/08

Jessica www.jessicaguthrie.blogspot.com who is the owner of Kits 2 remember(whom by the way is currently holding a call for a new design team) has tagged me
so here are 7 random facts that you may or may not know about me.....
1)I Do NOT like puppies at all, but I sure do LOVE our little Memphis. I have always found them annoying little terrors(lol) and while she can be one, she is also pretty darn awesome.
2)I have a life threatening allergy to tree nuts, but have also had the occasional small reaction to cool whip and sunflower seeds.
3) I am NOT a morning person, but days when I am up early, I have my most productive time of day
4) I have 7 parts of my body tattoed
5) I will never wear contacts again in my life..been there, done that and it was not for me
6) I, along with dh and several close friends all believe I have ADD... well actually I think I have ADHD because I also can be very hyper.
7) I could easily spend an entire weekend lounging in my bed, watching tv or movies.
**Now I am going to tag a few friends.....

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**Have fun ladies:)