Monday, January 21, 2008

E-Zine call

Hey everyone,
I am very excited to tell you about a new e-zine that will be having its debut on April 1/08
It is called Scrap N Art, and Angel(The lady behind this, who is genuinely sweet and awesome) is looking for some talent to feature in her e-zine.
The calls are:
Unique mini albums
Mom & Dad
Self portrait layouts
Party layouts
Why u scrap
Projects that convey emotion

**All submissions are due March 15
and you can send them to:
p.s. Tell Angel I sent ya(wink wink) Just kidding, but seriously you SHOULD submit! I think this e-zine is going to be a huge hit!!!!

Won something

I won this amazing stamp set that was designed by Lesley Langdon for Cornish Heritage Farms.
I am really excited about this, and have ideas swirling around with what I can all do with them.

My dad...

turned 58 yesterday(january 25)
We celebrated his birthday today!! We gave him some presents, and I loved how excited Si was to give him a present he made(A colored picture of Elmo, and an awesome card he designed himself)
My Dad and Yvonne went all out. They started the food preparations yesterday already, and made a 4 course Italian meal from scratch.
1)Ceasar salad & foccacia bread
2)Homemade pasta with shrimp in sauce and homemade pasta with a garlic, bacon, onion and sundried tomato sauce
3)Baby roasted potatoes and lamb
4)Creme Brule
ALL I can say is WOW!WOW!WOW!!!!
It was amazing. they really know how to cook!!!
I was really happy that My Grandma came along to celebrate and My Brother and his gf took time to come.
Happy Birthday DAD!!!! We love you to pieces!!!

Double toot

January 24/08
I found out last night, that I will have 2 cards featured in the February issue of the e-zine Ready set create(It was my 1st time submitting to them, and I heard back within 10 minutes of submitting)
These are both Valentines Cards that i created from the supplies I was given by Paws on Scrapbooking for the guest dt spot.


January 22/08
Just some pictures I took of ds this morning....I love how photogenic he is!

Simple yet VERY time consuming!!!

I LOVE Prima paintables paper!!!
I colored in the white background black, and then used my watercolor pencil crayons & blender pen to fill in the words.

My January sketch...

I created for over at Rhubarb Roots.

My son's first scratch & win ticket

Geez...His first scratch & win, and he won a free

Treat for si

I was feeling motivated on Sunday, so I found this template on the net, and made a little book for Si to bring to Florida to collect all of his autographs.

crazy weather

On our way home from the allergist, the weather was great until I hit Lettelier.....Then I panicked...I felt like someone covered my eyes with a blindfold....From Letellier to Altona, I could NOT see anything. I didnt know if I was in the ditch, on the road, and if I was on the road I had no clue which lane I was in...WOW!!!!
It's one thing when it's just your life thats in danger, but I had my 4 year old son sleeping in the back, and it's a whole new thing when you have a life that depends on you for safety.
Let's just say I prayed the entire way home, I was shaking, and pretty much terrified.
I was so thankful when we got home....I could not stop shaking and hugging my precious son!!!
This ride made me realize how thankful I need to be that I am here and okay!!!!


Last Thursday, I had my first allergist appointment, and let's just say it was a big disappointment.
After testing, with zero results she said that it's likely nothing showed up because my reaction was barely a month ago.
So, this is what she said:
1)Because I am not having a reaction to Peanut Butter, I can likely eat peanuts from shells. Ground nuts is likely not an allergy for me
2)Pistachios are 100% an allergy for me....We just don't know if that is a life threatening one, or less serious.
3)We couldnt find out which other nuts I am allergic to, but she said she thinks there are one or more tree nuts where I have a lift threatening allergy to, so.....
This is what I need to start doing:
a)Carry 2 epi pens with me at ALL times(2 in case I am further then 20 minutes away from a hospital, and one dose isnt successful)
b)Educate others about my allergy and make them aware of what to do, if I have a reaction, and Can't use epi-pen myself
c)Stay away from ALL tree nuts(pecans, pist, walnuts, Brazil, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, etc)
d)When grocery shopping, stay away from items that say "may contain traces of nuts) Because even if it isnt a tree nut I am allergic to, it may have been touching a nut I am allergic to.
e)If I want a dessert at a restaurant, I need to ask if they made it there, and if yes then I need to find out the ingredients, and if they had the desserts brought in, I am better off staying away from it.
Needless to say, this will be a big change in my life.

This melts my heart!!!!
My lil buddy with his security objects(Curious george, and his blankie from Nana) having a nap

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Si isnt home right now, and I was wondering if anyone can help me?
Is it possible to block specific people from viewing a blog?
Im asking this because there are a few people whom I am not at all comfortable looking at my son's private life. They have done nothing positive for him, so I feel like why should they get to invade his privacy? They are people whom I dont trust, and I would feel a lot safer if I knew they werent lurking around on here.
Help please?

My creations from last night

January 16/08
Here are the 2 layouts I made last night!! Both are for my book about me album at Rhubarb Roots.

More GDT work

Here are 2 more cards that I created for Paws...
I can't show you the other card yet, because it will be featured in the Feb issue of scrap street.

GDT work

January 15/08
This month I was asked to be the guest designer over at Paws on Scrapbooking, and the kit was so fun to work with...It included a lot of the hey sugar line by Cosmo Cricket.

sneak peek

January 15/07
I don't want to give away too much...YET, but here is a lil sneak peek of what I have been busy creating this week.
geez....I actually get more scrapping done when my 4 year old is home...I think because I get so much inspiration from him, and his creativity. 3 more days and he will be home YAHOO!!!!!!! I miss my lil sidekick.

**Im also working on a recipe exchange that we are having at Rhubarb Roots. I am really excited about that project!!! YAY! Kerri for the terrific idea!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

layout for today

January 8/07
Here is the layout that I accomplished today for a challenge.
p.s. I had a great evening..Went to go visit my Grandma for an hour, and then vegged out in front of the tv...c'mon you didnt seriously think I would miss the 2 hour episode of one tree hill, did you?!

1st toot for 2008

January 7/07
I received an email last night from Scrap street(an e-zine) that they will be be featuring my "true bliss" card for Their February issue.
I made this card using the kit from Paws on Scrapbooking that I was working with as their guest design team member for this month.
I will post it on my blog after February 1st..til then it's off limits for me to post.

**Si left tonight to go on the truck with Rob until Friday afternoon....Its so quiet without him. Funny how when he is gone, I miss him like crazy, but when hes home, he often drives me

365 challenge

Sunday, January 6/08
I took this picture of the sky this afternoon, because it looked so interesting on what turned out to be a very beautiful day!!
WEnt to the movie theatre this afternoon. I watched "awake" which was amazing. Si and his Dad went to go see "National treasure-book of secrets" and they also enjoyed that one.
Went for supper to my step sisters in Morden! A really good day!!

365 challenge

Saturday, January 5/08
Here is my picture for today...Me with My Grrandma!!! We went to her apartment unit to have lunch with her and all of her roomies.
I love that my son looks forward to spending time with her too.

365 challenge

Friday, January 4/08
I completed this layout for my book about me(titled:I am a creature of habit/obsession)
This picture of the kielke, schmanufat, fried onions and mushrooms and klups is the pictures for my journal for today....It is a meal I grew up on, and now cook for my family...

Picture for 365 challenge

Thursday, January 3/08
This is what I used in my journal for today, because I spent the evening scrapping at Rhubarb Roots, and that has become a big part of my life.