Monday, January 21, 2008

crazy weather

On our way home from the allergist, the weather was great until I hit Lettelier.....Then I panicked...I felt like someone covered my eyes with a blindfold....From Letellier to Altona, I could NOT see anything. I didnt know if I was in the ditch, on the road, and if I was on the road I had no clue which lane I was in...WOW!!!!
It's one thing when it's just your life thats in danger, but I had my 4 year old son sleeping in the back, and it's a whole new thing when you have a life that depends on you for safety.
Let's just say I prayed the entire way home, I was shaking, and pretty much terrified.
I was so thankful when we got home....I could not stop shaking and hugging my precious son!!!
This ride made me realize how thankful I need to be that I am here and okay!!!!

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