Wednesday, October 31, 2007


November 4/07
Please pray for this woman. She is My Grandma, and I am very worried about her. She will be 93 in february and has always been very healthy and active, but this last week she has taken a turn for the worse. She has no energy, no appetite, no zest for life,and she feels really ill. The doctors can't find anything wrong with her, but judging by how she has been this last week, I think that there is something going on. She has been staying at my parents house since Thursday and I am thankful for them for taking care of her, and thankful for my Grandma for letting them look after her.
The world would be a very sad place without her in it.
Please keep my Grandma in your thoughts and prayers....I love this woman to pieces and want her to be okay.

my make n take for the weekend

(oops I just realized I doubled up on posting a layout)
For my make n take for the online crop I decorated clear glass ball ornaments. Some of the supplies I used were:paint, glitter, ribbon, patterned paper, buttons, flowers, stickers. Really the options are endless.
I created 8 different ones, here are some of them..

Online crop layouts

Well the online crop at Rhubarb Roots has ended, and WOW!!!! It was awesome. We could not have asked for better participation, or better company. We ended the weekend with a chat with the very talented Kelly Goree, who even took time away from her Birthday weekend to chat with us..Thank you Kelly!!!
I just wanted to share some of my layouts with you from this weekend

Sunday, November 4/07

I just got word that I will be the featured scrapper for November for the site
I will have the privilege of posting a few challenges for them, and getting to know the gang over there a little better. Very excited about this!!!

Online crop this weekend

November 3/07
The online crop at Rhubarb Roots is going full swing. There are challenges, make n takes, games, awesome prizes, and best of all an online chat with the fabulous KELLY GOREE at 8 pm cst on Sunday night.
Here is what I created for my 5 challenges:
1) Use cutouts from patterned paper
2)Use the word passion in your layout/card
3)stamp or emboss on a transparency.
4)use stickers old or new
5)Its all about the bling baby!
**Trust me there is a lot of great talent happening over on the gallery at Rhubarb Roots right now. We will be going strong all weekend, with new games and make n takes coming up.
Get scrapping and you could be the queen/king of the crop!!

4 years of happiness

November 2, 2007
Thanks to this boy, I have been the happiest I have ever been these last 4 years.
Thanks to this boy, I have achieved my goal of being a Momma.
Thanks to this boy, I now know what unconditional love is.
Thanks to this boy, I look forward to waking up every morning to see what the day will bring.
Thanks to this boy, I am full of smiles and giggles(It helps that he is incredibly entertaining)
Thanks to this boy, He is MINE!!!!!! And I wouldn't trade him for anything.
God really knew what he was doing when I was blessed with this child.
I love you sunshine!!!!!!! Thank YOU for being the best you!!! For being so sweet and loving! Thank you for all of your hugs, kisses, cuddles and "I love you"'s.
Thank you for being my son!!
Happy 4th birthday..Hope your day totally rocks!!!!!


November 1/07
I received an email at lunch that I will be the guest designer for the month of December over at
I submitted a layout about myself and received a compliment that my style is kind of "Elsie-like" That is a HUGE compliment to me.
What a great way to start a new month....seriously, go check out their site...loads of talent over there!!

scrap street toot #2

Check out this months ezine issue at
Under the title "frayed for the holidays" My layout titled "make a difference" made the cut!!!

A photo shoot from September

I just realized I had never posted some of the pictures from this photo shoot with Shay. His Mom asked if I could take some fall pictures of him, and he showed up wearing the perfect outfit for this. We spent about 40 minutes at the mosquito pond, I took about 150 pictures..120 turned out great.. Here are 5 of my favorites.
For anyone who is interested, I have my base "sitting fee" decided, and will have my other prices finalized by the end of next week.

One last day...

with a 3 year old(My baby is going to be 4 tomorrow..sob sob)
I told him to enjoy today because it was his last day of being 3....he smiled and gave me a huge hug!!!! I just love this boy to pieces!!!!!!!!
I am so lucky to be his Momma!

Happy Halloween

Halloween went by so incredibly fast again this year. We started the day with a Halloween party(our 3rd year having one)
Went trick or treating to 5 houses, ate supper at Pizza Haven with My Dad & Yvonne, and then off to do some more trick or treating. We only went through 2 bays but Si got a huge stash of goodies. It was a bit chilly out there, but not quite as bad as we expected.
To top it off, Our 3 year old stayed up later then we did that!!!!
Time to start decorating for Christmas!!!

November kit(and add on kit) at Rhubarb Roots

I created 6 layouts, 3 cards and one ornament. These kits were jam packed with so many goodies, that I still have plenty of supplies left to create more layouts.
I had never had as much fun working with a kit, as I did with this one. Basic grey rocks!!!
Thanks Rhubarb roots for putting together such a phenomenal kit. Go pick one up before they sell out!!

November kit at Rhubarb Roots

Here are my last 5 layouts that I created using their kit along with the add on kit.
I promised you it was a yummy kit!!!! I seriously could not get enough of these die cuts!! They were a ton of fun!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

still here

Just so You know I havent been slacking off. I just havent posted any work on here lately because I have been busy creating!!!!!!! I would love to show them off, but unfortunately I will have to wait until the crop next weekend. I have 13 new layouts for that one so far!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

more scrapbooking talk..of course

I don't know if anyone else loves Daisy D's rubons/stickers/paper/etc as much as what I do, but they are currently looking for some new design team members. I can guarantee there will be TONS of submissions but for anyone who is passionate about their products go check it out on their blog!!!!

****November 2-4 is not only Si's birthday weekend but it is also the weekend of the first online crop at Rhubarb Roots. I have never participated in one before, and I wont be around much that weekend, but I am STOKED for it!!!! I have some fun challenges planned for it, and I can NOT wait to see what everyone else will come up with that weekend.

sneak peek

So as promised here is the sneak peek from the November kit at Rhubarb Roots.
Trust me I would love to show you a lot more of this kit as it is seriously YUMMY!!!!!! But, you will just have to wait until November 1st to see the whole sha-bang....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crop for kids weekend

October 12-14/07
This was one of the best weekends of my life. I took non stop classes, met awesome scrapbookers whose work I admire in magazines, and won some awesome prizes..and all for a good cause too.
I will explain these pictures a little better..hee hee
1) I discovered that I can use my heat gun for things other than heat toasted my bagel and melted my peanut butter.
2)There I am with Leah Fung...a phenomenal scrapper from San Diego. I attended 2 of her classes.
3)My cover from a class I took with Michele Skinner(Christmas organization)
4)The cover from the idea box class I took with Ellen Thompson.
I still have alot of class kits to finish up here over the weekend, so I hope to post more of my projects then.
Also stay tuned, I will be showing you a sneak peek of the November kit from Rhubarb Roots that will be available on November 1....You don't want to miss that. It was my favorite kit to work with!!!

Flower pens

To go along with the pictures, I will list the instructions to create these adorable pens.
Supplies needed:pens, gaffer tape, fabric flowers you can take apart, patterened paper, a pencil, scissors and hot glue gun.
1)Take the layers apart on the fabric flowers, making sure you put the center aside.
2)Take the end tip of the pen out(This is where the green flower stem will go)
3)Draw & cut out a flower shape from your patterned paper.
4)To start layering the flower back together: Take the top "flower center" and 1 smaller fabric petal, then the paper flower, and some larger fabric petals. You put this all back together by attaching the green plastic piece to the bottom of the flower, and if you want that green piece to be hidden, you can place a fabric petal over that at the bottom.
5) put the flower aside for a moment, and use gaffer tape to cover the "stem" of the pen. The pen cap will still be able to close over that.
6)Use hot glue gun & glue around the end of the pen(around the rim where you removed the tip) Immediately put the green flower tip in there and hold in place for a few seconds

Crop for kids

WEll this coming weekend I am going to the city with 4 other women to attend the crop for kids at the Victoria INN. The proceeds go to the Childrens hospital(and with Si being in the hospital for 6 weeks after his birth, this especially means a lot)
I am beyond excited!! I have been waiting for this for almost a year. I have packed my clothes. I have not yet packed my scrapping supplies(been too busy scrapping) But I am now to the point where I can barely sleep because I am that excited. I am taking 13 classes this weekend with some pretty amazing scrapbookers(Just to name a few..Leah Fung, Melissa Chapman, Kerry Zerff, Sharly Balcaen) Pretty much a dream come true for me.
I am going to miss si like crazy. We havent been apart for that long in almost a year, so it will be abit hard on us, but he will have a great time with his Daddy.
I hope to have lots of great pictures to post when I get back!!!

another birthday coming up(gulp)

Well in a few weeks my baby will be 4(sigh!!!)
so this year I decided to make the invitations and they turned out pretty good.
Si is obsessed with anything that has to do with pirates, so I took some pictures of him wearing his Captain Jack Sparrow costume, and printed them into "wallet size..according to the kodak
I sprayed gold glitter onto the cardstock, dry brushed some gold paint where I wanted to place the picture(the wet paint acts as an adhesive) and then stamped 2 skulls on the left hand side, and voila...Now if only I could get going and finish handing them out..hee hee

It's boo-ti-ful in my house

Okay, I know that was a chessy headline, but it caught your attention right?
It took me awhile to make this banner because I didnt have any templates, but it turned out alright!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


because for some reason none of my blogs are letting me post images...UGH!!!!
I hope this fixes itself soon..that drives me mental!!
Right now I am working on the November kit for Rhubarb Roots(and I cant post any of my work until Halloween night) but trust me this kit is...YUMMY!!!!!!
Awesome colors, awesome paper, awesome everything!

another "toot"

I just received the email that scrap street is picking up another one of my layouts for their November issue...stay tuned and make sure to check it out on Nov 1 at
Under the ribbon fun call

1st time being published!!!

Well, it is official!! I have finally gotten my work published.
I am the featured designer for the month of October in the discovery drive section of scrap street e-zine.
Go check it out...

I have 4 layouts on my spread.