Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Flower pens

To go along with the pictures, I will list the instructions to create these adorable pens.
Supplies needed:pens, gaffer tape, fabric flowers you can take apart, patterened paper, a pencil, scissors and hot glue gun.
1)Take the layers apart on the fabric flowers, making sure you put the center aside.
2)Take the end tip of the pen out(This is where the green flower stem will go)
3)Draw & cut out a flower shape from your patterned paper.
4)To start layering the flower back together: Take the top "flower center" and 1 smaller fabric petal, then the paper flower, and some larger fabric petals. You put this all back together by attaching the green plastic piece to the bottom of the flower, and if you want that green piece to be hidden, you can place a fabric petal over that at the bottom.
5) put the flower aside for a moment, and use gaffer tape to cover the "stem" of the pen. The pen cap will still be able to close over that.
6)Use hot glue gun & glue around the end of the pen(around the rim where you removed the tip) Immediately put the green flower tip in there and hold in place for a few seconds