Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crop for kids

WEll this coming weekend I am going to the city with 4 other women to attend the crop for kids at the Victoria INN. The proceeds go to the Childrens hospital(and with Si being in the hospital for 6 weeks after his birth, this especially means a lot)
I am beyond excited!! I have been waiting for this for almost a year. I have packed my clothes. I have not yet packed my scrapping supplies(been too busy scrapping) But I am now to the point where I can barely sleep because I am that excited. I am taking 13 classes this weekend with some pretty amazing scrapbookers(Just to name a few..Leah Fung, Melissa Chapman, Kerry Zerff, Sharly Balcaen) Pretty much a dream come true for me.
I am going to miss si like crazy. We havent been apart for that long in almost a year, so it will be abit hard on us, but he will have a great time with his Daddy.
I hope to have lots of great pictures to post when I get back!!!