Monday, November 26, 2007

another fun Saturday

November 24/07
We started our day off by heading over to the annual craft show in town(It was pretty brutal, but I am almost thinking I may have a booth up next year, selling some of my crafts)
From 11-12:40 we took Si over to his friend Rory's 3rd birthday party(It was one of THE best kids parties I have ever attended)
Then we took off to Grand forks for some good old shopping. I was very disappointed with the lack of sales, considering it was their Thanksgiving weekend, but I did find some great items. It was my 1st time going to bath & body works, and I can say that I am officially addicted...I bought a LOT of the hand soaps(yummy)
We fell in love with a puppy at the pet store(a doxy-poo) and No we did not take her
Si got his picture taken with the santa in the mall(I thought it was the best looking santa I have ever seen in a mall, and Rob thought he looked like some homeless dude)
Got some Christmas shopping done
Went for supper at the Village Inn, where we once thought the best banana cream pie was made(turns out we were wrong. It tasted pretty horrible this time)
Then on the way home, we encountered something pretty horrible. We arrived on an accident scene right after the ambulance, fire trucks,etc arrived. A car collided with something(we think it was a moose, due to the size of the creature on the road) We ended up driving over an animal leg(I will never forget what that felt/sounded will always haunt me) The windshield of the car was totally gone, and We think the driver may have flew out of the window. The workers were walking towards the car to find the person/people.
UGH!!!! Sorry for being so graphic, but this scene really bothered me.
All I kept thinking was if I wouldnt have quickly ran into Michaels, it could have been us.

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