Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Technically, I havent been tagged(lol) but I have read so many blogs where it said that if you were reading it to consider yourself tagged, so here I go....
10 random things about me:
1)I have a serious addiction to reality shows, well tv in general. I never have it on during the day on weekdays, but in the evenings you can guarantee it will be on.
I would have no problem spending days in front of the tv...although I am always doing something while i watch(It's called multi-tasking..hee hee)
2)I could eat sauteed mushrooms as a meal...ALL the time! YUM!
3)I love vegetables(ALOT) but for some reason they NEVER make me feel full.
4)I have been a huge fan of magazines since I was 7, and I still buy them weekly.
The only difference is that I have substituted Tiger beat for In Touch.
5)For the last ten plus years I have been terrified of water, but this summer I overcame my fear, and now I can not get enough of waterslides. I am still going down long after My son has stopped...hee hee
6)I love true crime. I love watching 48 hours mystery twice a week, and reading true crime books...Ann Rule, etc..You name it! Although My guesses on the guilty party are not always right...I used to want to be a detective. I still would love to be, but that just wont happen.
7)I love being sweaty when I wake up, because that makes me feel like I had a good sleep.
8)I am a VERY heavy sleeper, nothing will wake me up(I can sleep through the phone ringing right beside me, my doorbell ringing, but for some reason...as soon as my alarm clock goes off, I fly out of bed(faster than you can imagine)
9)I am a horrible housekeeper. Meaning I HATE housework, and do the bare minimum as little as possible..lol. there are so many better things i could be doing...Like hanging with Si, or creating something.
10)When I was a kid I was so shy that I made my older brother talk for me. He even had to order my food in restaurants for me. Now I am SO NOT shy! I will babble to anyone who would listen. Leave me alone somewhere for more than 10 minutes, and you can bet I will be having a conversation with some random person.