Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I had a happy mail day....Received the stamps that I won by Cornish Heritage Farm
Finally received an answer regarding my nut allegy.
The allergist called today with my bloodtest results, and they are positive I have no allegy to peanuts. BUT they have to be in the shells, or in a chocolate bar. If they are in a can...NO!!!!
It showed that I have a life threatening allergy to Brazil nuts, and while other tree nuts did not show up positive I completely have to stay away from them because I could have a reaction to any tree nut at any time.
She read me a long list of everything I need to stay away from(The obvious like brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, etc, but some surprising things like certain oils and certain brands of pasta, butter, etc.
WOW!!!! This will take awhile to learn to adjust my eating habits.