Monday, March 24, 2008


It has been WAYYYYYYYY too long since I have blogged, that I hardly know where to begin.
I was in Florida for 2 weeks and have had a tough time getting back into the swing of things.
My blog will be jumbled up for the first while until I receive my other Florida pictures, so nothing will be in order for the time being...
Did You notice a new addition in this picture?
I removed my labret piercing and went with a monroe piercing(above my upper lip) Once it heals, I plan on replacing the earring with something MUCH smaller.
**Other exciting news******
1)Contract was renewed with the Rhubarb Roots design team...YAY!!!! I love that place!!!! For any local gals, they have relocated to the Altona Mall, and they have made their space look gorgeous!!!
2)I made the design team over at You have got to check out the blog/store. I am going to have a blast with this because Jessica is the owner(she is so cool!!) and she manufactures her own acrylic panels and brag tags, as well as selling Clear scraps acrylic albums. I will be responsible for creating a mini album every month,a nd I am excited for this!!!
3)I will finally have my work in print...Somerset Memories magazine(formerly known as legacy) has requested one of my creations for a future issue.
4)It has been a slow and unstable process, but I have been working to build and maintain a stable friendship with Si's Dad..I want Si to grow up thinking that just because we couldnt stay married didnt mean that we couldnt get along.

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