Saturday, May 31, 2008

overcame another fear

May 31, 2008

Well last year I got over my fear of water, waterslides, etc, so this summer I needed to overcome a fear I have had since childhood....OPTOMETRISTS!!!!!
I don't know exactly when the fear started(Ive had it as long as i can remember) but this fear has intensified over the years.
I had not gotten my eyes checked in well over 13 years because I was terrified...So now with my glasses in such rough shape I knew it was time to grow up:)
I went to Sterling Optical in Grand Forks and had the best optometrist ever!!!! I warned her about my fears and she commented on my shaking(ha ahaa) but she was so great!!! She takled me through every step, and I can happily say this fear is no longer.
p.s. I ordered 2 pairs of glasses, so I will be picking them up on June 14.
She said my eyes were in pretty good shape considering how long I have neglected them, but my prescription did get quite a bit stronger(pretty much coke bottles..ha ahaa)