Monday, February 16, 2009

Babysitters Guide

Well, Im (a little) embarrased to admit that I have never gotten a babysitter for my 5 year old son(It has always been my parents who have watched him)
In a few weeks, a 15 year old girl will be coming into my home to spend an evening with my child, and Im already worried that I will forget to tell her something important, so I had been thinking of already working on a list to leave her, when a package arrived from Jessica(Kits 2 Remember)..full of lots of yummy acrylic, chipboard & metal(and let's just say, they left my mind going 90 miles an hour)
So, I decided to use 5 pieces of 4x4 acrylic to make a fun little babysitters guide for my future babysitters.
In this book I have included important information(such as emergency contacts, Doctors number, etc) a page about what he eats, a page about his bedtime routine, and a page about our puppy(because technically she will be babysitting this one
I paired the acrylic pieces with some yummy Ocotber Afternoon(from the nite light collection) a rubon from Jenni Bowlin, paint from Making Memories, chipboard crown from Maya Road, distress stickles from Ranger, and letter stickers from Making Memories & Scenic Route.
The ribbon is from the $1.00 spot at Michaels
My talented fellow Dt'ers over at have been busy working their magic with acrylic..Go check out our blog over there..some VERY creative ideas for all occasions!!!


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