Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 favourite things

Ive seen a few people doing this on their blogs, so people can learn more about them, so here are my answers..I would love to read about your 20 fave things.
1. fave colour: Hot pink
2. fave dessert: Banana cream pie(minus the crust)
3. fave smell: fresh laundry and good men's cologne
4. fave flower: Gerber daisies and funky coloured roses
5. fave animal: dogs
6. fave month: December(i love the Christmas season) and September
7. fave beverage: tied between milk, water and original Orange Julius
8. fave type of shoes: DC skate shoes
9. fave snack: popcorn, chips and dip or veggies and dip
10. fave song: ''let me sign'' Robert Pattinson
11. fave book: any by Stephenie Meyer
12. fave fruit: watermelon and cantalope
13. fave hairstyle: super long and super straight
14. fave clothing: jeans
15. fave clothing stores: Aeropostale & wet seal
16. fave season: Fall
17. fave hobby: duh...scrapbooking!!!!
18. fave thing i collect: besides scrapbooking supplies, dvd box sets
19. fave movie: Twilight & Step brothers
20. fave restaurant: The keg & Olive Garden