Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scrapbook Kit Club (with an RAK)

I first heard of a few days ago through Scrap Scene. The kit immediately caught my eye, and I can now say I am a huge fan of this new kit company.
This is Amber's first kit and it features Fancy Pants 'on a whimsy' and Pink Paislee "enchanting"
I am definetly ordering this kit sometime this week, because I love every aspect of this kit.
I love that its trendy yet very original, has a lot of great supplies packed in the kit, and cool is it that She will be featuring an etsy artist in every kit(This month it is Kimberly DuBois, with her doe doe birds) May kit: 12 sheets of double sided patterned paper, 1 fabric flower, i package cardstock 118 count alpha stickers, 1 yard white ball trim, assorted buttons, assorted chipboard shapes, 1 handmade doe doe bird $25
Extra kit: textured brads, assorted chipboard elements, 1 yard printed ribbon, 1 sheet of rubons, 1 doe doe bird. $10

cardstock kit: 2 sheets of each colour, for a total of 8 sheets $4
Now here is the fun part.....Because the kit club and forum have only been up and running since may 1st, I would like to encourage you to get out there and support this FANTASTIC new kit club(Also, after talking to Amber, the owner, we have discovered that we are like long lost sisters..with so much in common, its a lil eerie..and that in itself makes me want to see her succeed)
This company has a lot of new things in store, and I think this is going to be the NEXT kit club!!!
Here is how you can win an RAK from me(I like to save the RAk as a surprise, but trust will be a good one...think new Prima, etc)
1) Anyone who registers on the forum at and has a minimum of 25 posts by May 31 midnight will earn a ballot for my Rak.
2) Anyone who posts about this kit club and new forum by May 31 midnight, will earn a ballot for my RAK.
3) Anyone who refers a friend to either buy a kit or join the forum by May 31 midnight will earn an additional ballot/friend.
4) Anyone who purchases one of their kits by May 31 midnight, will earn 3 ballots for my RAK.
For each ballot you earn, post it on my blog.
I will make the draw on June 1st.
Good luck & have fun helping to spread the word;


Suz said...

Hi Trace, It's always great to see a kit club come on the scene & instantly know it has something special (which doesn't happen often)... this one has gotten me excited too.

I joined the message board. I just wish my hubby's job was better right now (he took a 25% pay cut to keep his job) so I'm on a bit of a spending freeze right now or I'd be signing up now & stalking the mailman....

jeanie nieva said...

blogged about it here...

will be joining the forums soon. :)

thanks for a chance to play. :)

Pink Heather said...

Hi Trace. I blogged about the Scrapbook Kit Club on my blog.
And I've signed up with the forum and started chatting. HOpe to get to know all the ladies better over the next couple weeks.

jeanie nieva said...

hi trace!i've dropped by the forum and i think i had a minimum of 25 posts as well. it was nice hanging out there. :)

jeanie nieva said...
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jeanie nieva said...
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