Thursday, May 7, 2009

pics of my kids(1 human, 1 furry) LOL

Its been a while since I have posted pictures of Si & Memphis, so I just wanted you to have prove that they both still do exist;
Memphis will be 1, in exactly one month..She knows a lot of tricks, understands a lot of what we say, loves car rides, walks, and cuddles(She is very affectionate, and loves to be held) she sleeps a lot, and usually only gets hyper when there are people to greet.
The getting yappier(ugh) and still often pees when she greets new people, from all the excitement i guess.
All in all, Memphis is a terrific dog & can't imagine not having her.
Si is now 5 and a half years old(please, can't he just stay this age? I hate that he is growing up soooo fast)
He is doing really well in Kindergarten, but still loves his time when he doesnt have to go to school, says he is going to be an art teacher when he grows up(which i believe, because he is incredibly artistic) He spends most of his time drawing pictures, and has been teaching himself to read...He can read some entire books already.
He got a new bike, and we told him that this is going to be the summer where he will master his bike, and get rid of those silly training wheels.
He is still VERY VERY attached to his Nana & Poppa, and would spend all of his time with them, if it were possible.
He has started t ball(and loves it) his highlight is getting his baseball pants dirty(thats his goal)
and next month, I will register him for swimming lessons.
He can be a loud mouth when theres other people around, but when its just us, he is amazing....Very well behaved, independent and low maintenance..still a good sleeper too.
next on his list....learn to tie shoes.