Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Does anyone know how i can add a blinkie to the side of my blog..Ive been struggling with this for the last 20 minutes, but with no luck..yes, im a computer dummy:)
Thanks in advance


Saucy said...

Do you have a code for that blinkie or are you trying to make one for yourself?

If you have the code, go into "customize" on your toolbar under "layout".

Select "add a gadget" and a list will pop up. Choose "add HTML/Java Script" and then another window will pop up.

There is a spot for the URL (address) code of the blinkie you want to add. Paste it there. Save it! Then you can drag it and put it where you want in your template.

Email me if you need more info.

Scrapbook Kit Club said...

I know what you mean. I cant seem to figure anything out. BTW- I have a blinkie and a banner if you want it.

Anonymous said...